SUNShield Premium Exterior

SUNShield Premium Exterior

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Self Priming Exterior Waterborne Acrylic with Weather Protection with Anti-corrosive Properties

A premium 100% acrylic self priming exterior paint providing a tough flexible finish for long life protection.

This product has been formulated specifically for all exterior surfaces such as roofs, weatherboards, fibre cement, concrete, plaster brick, zincalume, galvanized iron, timber decks*, pergolas and fences.



May be used on suitably prepared:

  • Weatherboards

  • Galvanized Iron

  • Concrete Blocks

  • Steel

  • Timber

  • Fibre Cement Products

  • Textured Surfaces

  • Hardiflex

  • Plywood

  • Concrete

  • Zincalume

Features and benefits

  • Excellent durability and gloss retention Exceptional intercoat adhesion Excellent flexibility
    Resists dirt pick up
  • Suitable for potable water
    100% acrylic polymer composition.
  • Excellent adhesion to alkyd, galvanized iron, timber, concrete and masonry.
    Low Odor and VOC; APEO-free(1).
    Excellent efflorescence resistance.
  • Resistance to “flash” rusting corrosion and very good block resistance.Excellent mechanical stability and stable in the presence of zinc oxide.
  • High performance over a broad range of substrates eliminating the need for separate primers.
    Excellent UV and weathering resistance.


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