About Us

The Paint Warehouse is about bright colors and light prices. We charge the best paint prices that you'll find (like the trade get) and we still sell only top quality paint, which is why we sell to more and more professional painters all the time.

We started selling paint supplies to the trade and the DIY markets, coming up with affordable prices and trusted Kiwi-made products that we can sell to everyone. And that's what we're doing. In fact, we've become so popular that we're sending our paint via overnight couriers throughout New Zealand to our valued customers every week. But it doesn't stop there.

Our paint is high quality and environmentally friendly.

We Guarantee our Paint and provide a 10-15 year guarantee for many of our paint products.

Short of Colour? We have over 5000 colours you can choose from and we have a tinting service to ensure you get exactly the color you want. If you have a favorite color, just tell us the name and we will put it in our fancy automated tinting machine and tint it for you.