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Repell S is an octyl-methyl siloxane modified silicone resin based non-film forming clear sealer, formulated for cement-based products and other mineral substrates.

Its unique penetrating properties are designed to provide excellent water repellency without appreciably changing the surface appearance of the treated area.

Usage: Repell S is formulated for optimum exterior performance and can be used on all mineral – based interior and exterior building products including, concrete walls and driveways, plaster and mortar finishes, stone and marble floor and wall tiles and cement fibre boards.


  • Does not alter the colour or gloss level of treated surface
  • The water repelling properties facilitate ease of cleaning and impart non-staining characteristics by hindering penetration of stain inducing materials
  • Imparts non-slip properties
  • Non-yellowing and UV resistant
  • Fast drying for ease of use


  • Has a solvent odour when curing
  • Although Repell S starts to act as soon as the treated surface is dry, it takes 24 hours to gain maximum properties

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