BioWash Concentrate

BioWash Concentrate

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Mould Remover & Cleaner

Biowash Mould Remover and Cleaner is a low toxicity product, designed to kill moss and mould and to allow Nature’s elements to remove the surface contamination.


1 Part Biowash - 6 Parts Water

5 Litre Concentrate makes up to 30 Litres, 20 Litre Concentrate makes up to 120 Litres

Mix one part Biowash with six parts water. The application strength may be increased to a maximum one part to 4 parts water if growth is particularly heavy. A second application, after the drying of the first application produce the most effective result.

Application & Process:

After dilution use a hand held or garden sprayer. Avoid spraying if rain is expected within 4 hours. The treated surface will clear progressively over time, with thickly contaminated areas taking several months. A further application after three months will assist in more rapid removal. The use of a brush on badly contaminated areas after two weeks will assist in breaking down the contamination. Disconnect tank water if using on a roof application. Allow up to 10mm rain and 3 weeks before re-connecting. Periodic treatment of the surface areas after removal will help prevent the contamination returning.


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