Roofrite Acrylic Topcoat Premium 20L

Roofrite Acrylic Topcoat Premium 20L

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ROOFRITE Coating Systems

Quality coatings that will restore and add value to your property. 

Superior protection in New Zealand conditions.


ROOFRITE products are:

• Designed for New Zealand conditions
• Environmentally friendly ( Low VOC )
• Long-term roof protection with outstanding durability

• Suitable for Coastal Areas

• Suitable for the collection of Drinking Water *

• Along with ROOFRITE superior paint protection, your colour choice is formulated from
   fade resistant pigments so you can be assured of long lasting colour and durability


* Please allow 3 rainfalls before collecting water for drinking. During this time 

there may be some foam formation however the collected water is non-toxic, 

and safe for consumption.

Information for the Professional Applicator:

• Designed with ease of application, professional results can be achieved with fast

    turn around times

• Manufactured using UV Resistant Pigments and tough Acrylic Polymers

• Ready formulated for Spraying through commercial sized airless spray equipment

    with ease of application - these products may also be applied by Brush

• Fast drying 
   - Can be applied on fine days down to 8° during Winter 
       - ensure that the surface temperature is above the ambient temperature

   - Products can be optimised for seasonal conditions

   - Available in Matt, Semi Gloss and Gloss Finishes.

For a successful project from start to finish, careful preparation, 

repair work and the right paint process are all equally important stages 

for a high quality finish.

Getting Started

Thorough preparation is essential for a successful roof restoration.

All dirt must be removed. Treat moss and lichen with APCO Biowash,

then wash the entire surface with clean water & allow complete drying.


Repair work may be required for cracked tiles or mortar. Rusted iron requires the

use of appropriate rust removers/converters or in the case of severe corrosion,

areas of iron may need to be removed and replaced.

Paint Process

The appropriate Sealer or Primer is essential for maximum adhesion to the existing roof

materials. This will also provide an ideal surface for the Basecoat and Finish coats

to adhere to.

Download APCO Product Guarantee Document for details of the 

15 Year Performance Warranty.

Please refer to our Technical Datasheets below for further product information.


The Systems

Galvanised Iron

1 Coat of Anti-Corrosive Galvanised Iron Primer
2 Coats of Acrylic Finish

Decromastic Tile

Spot Prime with Anti-Corrosive Galvanised Iron Primer, if bare galvanising is visible.

1 Coat of Basecoat 
2 Coats of Acrylic Finish


Concrete Tile

1 Coat of Roof Sealer
1 Coat of Basecoat (Optional)
2 Coats of Acrylic Finish