Pitakote 3Kg (3L) Epoxy Pool and Floor Paint

Pitakote 3Kg (3L) Epoxy Pool and Floor Paint

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Apco PITAKOTE Hi-Build Epoxy Coating is a two-pack solvent free epoxy coating, formulated for use where chemical and abrasive resistance is necessary. It is used extensively where hygiene requirements of the highest standards are needed and gives a very smooth finish to properly prepared surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, fibreglass or steel swimming pools
  • Ideal for Spa pools, Freezing works, Health institutions, Dairy companies, Garage floors and most prepared surfaces
  • May be applied to wet surfaces (not running water)
  • Resists chemicals, mineral oils and petrol
  • High build, tile-like Gloss finish, seamless and hygienic
  • Available in white and a range of factory tinted colours
  • May be over-coated with solvent or waterborne topcoats


  • For floors, Pitakote is for Interior use only - as it will chalk when constantly exposed to direct sunlight.
  • For pools, Pitakote is suitable for all areas under the waterline
  • Moderate heat resistance. Dry: 120ºC, Wet: 60ºC
  • Only casual spillage resistance to concentrated acids & vegetable oils

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet - Part A

Safety Data Sheet - Part B