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Hi-Build Epoxy Coating

Apco PITAKOTE Hi-Build Epoxy Coating is a two-pack solvent free epoxy coating, formulated for use where chemical and abrasive resistance is necessary. It is used extensively where hygiene requirements of the highest standards are needed and gives a very smooth finish to properly prepared surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, fibreglass or steel swimming pools.

  • Ideal for Spa pools, Freezing works, Health institutions, Dairy companies, Garage floors and most

    prepared surfaces.

  • May be applied to wet surfaces (not running water)

  • Resists chemicals, mineral oils and petrol.

  • High build, tile-like Gloss finish, seamless and hygienic.

  • Available in white and a range of factory tinted colours.

  • May be over-coated with solvent or waterborne topcoats.


    • For floors, Pitakote is for Interior use only - as it will chalk when constantly exposed to direct sunlight. For pools, Pitakote is suitable for all areas under the waterline.

    • Moderate heat resistance. Dry: 120oC, Wet: 60oC.

    • Only casual spillage resistance to concentrated acids & vegetable oils

As for any paint product, thorough surface preparation is essential for adhesion and long life. The same goes for Pitakote Hi-build Epoxy Coating but is considerably more crucial. Please read and understand the instructions on the label before beginning the application. For painting swimming pools please refer to the APCO Swimming Pool Paints brochure. For painting a concrete floor, please refer to the Pitakote Hi-Build Epoxy flyer.


May be applied by stiff bristled brush, short nap roller or airless spray (refer spray application recommendation). Important: Before painting, the label must be read. Do not apply at temperatures below 13oC. Do not exceed the recommended application rate. Proper surface preparation is essential. When Pitakote Hi-Build Epoxy Coating part A and part B are mixed together the pot-life or useable time varies according to colour and ambient temperature, between 4– 6 hours only.

APCO Coatings (NZ) Ltd www.apcocoatings.co.nz contact@apconz.co.nz


Do not apply if rain is forecast within 6 – 8 hours after your application. Rain will not affect the cure of the coating, except for possible impact marks, but if the film is still relatively uncured, unreacted activator will combine with the water to form a white “bloom” or precipitate, marring what otherwise would have been a perfect pool. Likewise, a sudden drop in temperature towards evening may create dew which could have the same effect. It is therefore best to start as early as possible when the sun is on the pool and cease in the early afternoon. After mixing the part A with part B, leave the mixture for 10 minutes only before using.

For Best Results:

Follow all the directions in the Swimming Pool Paints brochure or Pitakote flyer (for painting a concrete floor).

Spray Application recommendation:

Add the Hardener, wait for 5 minutes, then Thin the product 5% with Pitakote thinner 6.03 and mix well. This will give an even spray pattern and good coverage. The Wagner Finish 207 will spray the product but we suggest for very large projects use the model 700H.

Coverage Guide:

Spray Unit:
Tip Size:
Gun filter:
Operating Pressure:
Product Information:
Refer Apco Coatings Technical Dept. (Contact details below)

Smooth Steel or fiberglass:
Sandblasted Steel:
Acid Etched Smooth Concrete:
Scabbled Concrete, Pitted Steel
and rough Swimming Pool:
Previously painted concrete blocks:
Up to 15 M2 per 3lt Kit. Timber: Up to 12 M2 per 3lt Kit. New Concrete Blocks: Up to 10 M2 per 3lt Kit.

Health and Safety: (Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet before using)
Material is flammable, especially when mixed, keep away from naked flame.
Avoid breathing vapours, especially when mixed.
Avoid as much as possible contact with skin, it will irritate sensitive skins, which may become sensitised. Always use neoprene gloves.

If spilled in eyes, seek medical attention immediately.