Chlorinated Rubber

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  • Solvent based Chlorinated Rubber paint for pools

  • Single pack

  • Cheaper than epoxy coatings

  • Thinner film and softer than epoxy so wears more quickly

  • Generally the life of these coatings is 1/3rd of an epoxy

  • Preparation of the substrate is crucial, particularly if coating over old layers of Chlorinated Rubber, please contact us if you have any doubts.

Chlorinated Rubber pool paint is now only used where the budget will not allow for the use of epoxy paints. Although Chlorinated Rubber paint is cheaper and relatively easy to use and re-coat, the strong solvent odour and much reduced life span in comparison to epoxy paint has meant that little of this paint is now used. It is still a useful option for some pool owners however the preparation of the pool prior the painting is still as important as with epoxies and insufficient preparation of the surface for painting will lead to coating failure. Chlorinated Rubber coating become softer as the temperature increases leading to increased wear. They are not suitable for use in heated pools or spa pools.

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